Catch Up!

Summer is here,not officially but here enough. Winter and spring have been gray and cold. Spring was a little gentler with longer days and notes of hope. I am finally doing more work in the studio. When it’s cold I don’t like going to my cellar to work. Not too crazy about it when it is damp.

Add to that the usual financial stress of one paycheck and unexpected expenses,it’s not depression, but it is depressing. The mug sale was a little pick me up. The local schools all received a nice check from our group. I didn’t sell as many mugs as I have in the past but I made average. Time to update what I make.
The “nice” thing about having the car die and needing replace it? The “new” car is a hatchback that can help my daughter move and hold what I need for craft sales. So, scramble to buy a car and then register it. My family and friends have been a BIG help! Grateful to them all!
I was able to make the Farmer’s market this year. The sales did help with groceries and other needs. Every bit helps. The market was the pick me up I needed. I made some money, my work was appreciated and I was able to make some trades in addition to sales. And the weather was good!
Now on to some challenges. I am practicing with plates and low wide forms. Also learning not to keep every thing I make. Not everything I make is precious! But some of it is 🙂 Some works in progress!

June2018 001

work in progress

June2018 006

from the Farmers Market


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