Another Update

Hi! I’m trying to be a little more disciplined about posting. Happy Summer for you I hope. It’s been interesting as always. The water pump is acting up again, this time it’s the pressure switch. It was the check valve and part of the pipe before. I really should have everything replaced but the bank said no. So hopefully the repair will buy some time. I had to replace my car also. The water pump chain ( a theme here?) broke and when chains break in cars they don’t coma back very often. At least not a second time. But the new car is a hatchback, so I can see out the back window and packing for craft shows just got easier!
I also have a square app now. I can take credit cards!
The Farmer’s market is working out so far, I don’t go every Saturday. Family and the fact people will buy eggs and lettuce every week, but not pottery does make it necessary to ration my appearances. I did the Mt. Vernon sale again. I did better than I did last time, and that one was pretty good. I do love how people react to my work. The shows are extra money and good feedback. I get to socialize a little too.
So, some things are going slowly but still going, forward momentum! I am getting better at making plates! Goblets are also a good learning curve, still need to weigh out my clay but getting more consistent in size.
Finally, some photos of what I have been doing.


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