Catch up and Resolutions

While late to the game, I did make a resolution for New Year’s. Nothing especially fancy or heavy just a simple idea. I would not manage my time better, I would use it better. It has been a stop and go deal but I am getting better. I get to work a little earlier and when I am home I seem to get a little more done. Pottery as a business and a fulfillment, does require time being used wisely, or at least better. What can I make that sells, how do I make it so I can sell it at an affordable price and still pay myself? What can I make that I like? Many questions, And I am slowly answering them.

Now that spring feels more here than there, mug season has started. I was able to make enough mugs for this show and start a new design. I did alright last year, but it was time for a new design. I was right!

I also find that using time better also means looking around and learning about my area. Even interacting in new ways and just learning to enjoy myself, frugally of course but not have every moment geared toward Getting Something Done. Sometimes that is more wasteful than just letting things be and learning from them. some pictures of course of things I am doing or have done.

There was a fundraiser earlier that was a Christmas Tree fire with cocoa and bring your own mug. How can a potter refuse? Then earlier I had a good harvest of apples and grapes that became a nice jam for Christmas. Also I am working on some garden sculptures and lamps, and my new mug design. A lamp I fitted with a new shade to help it fit in better in my living room. Enjoy!


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