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An adult female learning how to navigate. I make functional but different(maybe) pottery. I use both found and scavenged clay and anything else I can find. Myths and nature influence me and anything that catches my eye, or that pops in my head

Catch Up!

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Catch Up!

Summer is here,not officially but here enough. Winter and spring have been gray and cold. Spring was a little gentler with longer days and notes of hope. I am finally doing more work in the studio. When it’s cold I don’t like going to my cellar to work. Not too crazy about it when it is damp.

Add to that the usual financial stress of one paycheck and unexpected expenses,it’s not depression, but it is depressing. The mug sale was a little pick me up. The local schools all received a nice check from our group. I didn’t sell as many mugs as I have in the past but I made average. Time to update what I make.
The “nice” thing about having the car die and needing replace it? The “new” car is a hatchback that can help my daughter move and hold what I need for craft sales. So, scramble to buy a car and then register it. My family and friends have been a BIG help! Grateful to them all!
I was able to make the Farmer’s market this year. The sales did help with groceries and other needs. Every bit helps. The market was the pick me up I needed. I made some money, my work was appreciated and I was able to make some trades in addition to sales. And the weather was good!
Now on to some challenges. I am practicing with plates and low wide forms. Also learning not to keep every thing I make. Not everything I make is precious! But some of it is 🙂 Some works in progress!

June2018 001

work in progress

June2018 006

from the Farmers Market

Current Update/Some thoughts/Hi

christmas  and 2014 002feb 2018 011
Hi! I am back making again, and baking,the holidays were flurry of both, cliche but true. It seems to take most of January to recover and get back to pottery. When the group I am part of,Central Maine Clay Artist, got together to discuss mug season, one of the questions was, are you making anything? For most of us, the answers was either no or not much. We just needed a break.January has been cold, snowy and my cellar flooded briefly, nothing damaged. A good reason to take a brief break form clay. I needed time to regroup, look over what did and didn’t sell, housekeeping in the studio and finish up any last minute,(late) holiday presents. I have finally finished a bowl and planter for my daughter’s friends.

I’m trying out recipes from my cookbook collections and my internet searching. Some of it is pretty good. The cornmeal cookies are a definite repeat. Beef Madras was a hit at the school potluck!

Which brings me to Mug Season. A month long sale at selected coffee shops in the area of My groups mugs. It benefits both local schools, specifically the art departments and we , the local potters get a cut too. Our group has been doing this about 10 years now! I have made about 20 mugs, with the hope that at least 10 or more will survive and look good for the sale. Sometimes they look good, but since I still eyeball measure instead of weigh, some come out a little small. So hopefully more than half will be big and beautiful. I have even made some bowls for the empty bowls project, but they might not be ready for this one, so I will have to find another one.
Awkward segue way; This is a benefit for schools and I am a schoolteacher. Regarding recent events, this is my comment. Do you remember your teachers? Your classmates? What would have happened in your classroom if your teacher had a gun? Would one of your classmates look for it? Play a prank on the teacher? Was your teacher someone you would trust with a gun? And lastly, who’s paying for this? End rant.
Okay, now here are some pictures of my work in progress for WIP Wednesday, a chipped mug turned twine holder for mugshot Monday and a bread tray, with bread for throw back Thursday.
feb 2018 013,
Happy February!

Happy New Year?

Hi! I’m back, sort of. Trying to start the new year with more creating. It’s a slow start. Lots of excuses not to make more pottery, it’s cold, the cellar flooded, it’s cold, and on.

Excuses, not really reasons, the cellar is dry, it’s winter, winter is cold and I do have supplemental heat now. The rush to make, bake and get ready for the holidays has left me a little, tired. That means time to recharge, to read, write and start getting ready to make. The mug season is coming and I do have some mugs made! Time to see if I can make them bigger and more consistent. I’m getting better about that, but weighing the clay would help. Must be time to get a scale. Also measure more accurately.

The pop up sale did well. I need to make more  trays and bowls. My goddess cup sold, that was a surprise! I think I’m good on head cups, just need to display them with herbs and flowers. Give people some ideas of what to do with them. I had problems with making the chip and dips, so none to sell, that did hurt my overall sales. Now I know. Here are some old favorites to see until I make more pieces. Until then Happy holidays,Happy New year and stay warm!

july2014 009IMG_0066august2014 007