A long Delayed Update

Monthly(sort of) update

It’s been a while but I have been working, slowly. I participated in a seconds sale that helped the local library and left me with cash in pocket and some nice feedback. I bought some new glazes that I hope to try(one of them is gold!) Also finishing up a project.

I don’t get to personal on this blog(in spite of all the I’s),don’t know who might be reading it. Some things family and friends don’t need to hear. Obviously I like some attention or I wouldn’t be maintaining a public blog in the first place.

A project i am finishing up has been a little sad. Potters get them. Cremation urns for example. Did not have to do that but I did promise my daughter I would make plant pots for the flowers around her father’s grave.

I was widowed a little over 2 years ago. He had some medical problems that didn’t get better. It escalated quickly and at 55 for me and 22 for my daughter, he died. I couldn’t come up with the words for the eulogy so my daughter did it. It all went well, for a funeral.

Since then we have been maintaining his grave and the flowers, geraniums and thyme have done well. So I have been making pots for them. It has been interesting. I found with large pots, soft clay is better. I was able to get the walls thinner. Firing was itself an adventure since sometimes the pots were neither thin enough or dry enough.Once firing while a useful tool, doesn’t wok if there is an air pocket or slight dampness. It was explosive! Here are the examples of my progress. Haven’t done the next firing yet,

but this time they should be dry.

Monthly Notes

Hi! Not much on the pottery front. Did a firing and had pieces explode, so had to start over. I did get my mugs done for the show. The pieces I made for the exhibit cracked but I had other pieces that fit.

The show opening went well. One of the potter’s sang some songs she had written and there was plenty of food, including a  bread I made. It was an improvised recipe that worked! So some pictures from the show and the mugs, enjoy! Artists shown, besides myself are Potter’s House,Lakeside Pottery, Mud Girl Pottery, Danae Spencer!


Hi;checking in. The Central Maine Clay Artists, a group I am part of is doing Mug season again. This is a show and sale we do every year to help out area schools and show off the mugs we make. This year we are also going to be in the Maine Center for Craft in West Gardiner in addition to the area coffee shops.

This means I have been making mugs, lots of mugs. I need sixteen for the coffee shops and another eight for the MC for Craft. So far I have managed to make eighteen for the coffee shops and nine for the Center.   I may need more. I had ten for the center but one broke before it even made it to the kiln. The bisque firing went well, no losses. Now if the glaze firing is also without incident all will be well.